PO3: Gunshow Gameplay Trailer

2009-10-04 23:15:03 by Torrunt

I through together some gameplay footage of our game for the Power of Three event. I would say It's in It's mid-to-late alpha stages right now so you will see a couple of glitches here and there.

/* */
Art - Destructin
Programming - Me
Music - Manakidleade

PO3: Gunshow Gameplay Trailer


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2009-10-04 23:39:33

This looks great

I will look foward to this


2009-10-05 00:11:41

That engine looks great but god you should have a different artist. We should make a game with this engine after Po3 and do it some more good. It could be 10x better without such basic graphics.

Torrunt responds:

I can agree that some of the backgrounds need some more work in places but I love the animation and the characters, so thanks but no thanks.


2009-10-05 01:15:42

Looks interesting!

Oh and also, cool to see another Perth NG artist. Keep up the good work!

Torrunt responds:

Thanks fellow Perthian.


2009-10-05 01:49:46

I think the graphics on this are perfect in its simplistic way.

now, if you need a beta tester...


2009-10-05 06:35:12

Pretty slick looking. Good luck with that!

Torrunt responds:

I love that word... slllliick.


2009-10-05 10:09:36

It looks awesome! I can't wait!


2009-10-05 13:27:06

Too many sticks.


2009-10-05 17:02:31

cant wait to play it. i'm sure it's been said before, but i would love to betatest this for you!


2009-10-06 04:26:13

Did you know that any game that requires the use of a mouse for precision aiming automatically loses at least .75 points in the portal due to laptop frustration?

Just saying...

Torrunt responds:

Well they could just be normal and plug a mouse into their laptop.