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Torrunt's News

Posted by Torrunt - April 13th, 2017

My game GIBZ recently just left early access on Steam!

It was in early access for almost a year. It still has some bugs here and there but all the content I had planned is in.


Posted by Torrunt - May 20th, 2016

I just released my game GIBZ on Steam in early access!



Here's a playlist of some previews and playthroughs some people have done:






Posted by Torrunt - February 2nd, 2016

I added my game to Steam Greenlight!




It's a contiuation of my old flash game Rupert's Zombie Diary. This time with better graphics, lot's more zombies, controller support and multiplayer.




Posted by Torrunt - June 27th, 2012

A new version of my AS3 Developer Console is now out!
I finally got around to fixing these problems I've been finding. If you're wondering what happen to v1.07, that was the version of the console that was included in my game Firefight. It wasn't that different from v1.06 so I never released it.


v1.08 - (26/06/2012)
- Temporary Variables. When assigning a variable that doesn't exist a temporary variable will be made that can be used through the console (can be turned off)
- Added option for slide open/close animation (on by default)
- When creating new instances you can now pass arguments to the constructor (eg: new flash.geom.Point(5,2))
- Objects returned from functions can now have their members accessed (eg: getChildAt(0).x)
- Multidimensional Arrays are now supported (up to 3D, but can be modified easily to support more) (eg: level[0][0])
- Tracing fps now works properly in certain circumstances (wouldn't work if it couldn't access the console from the main class before)
- Input text box now removes "`" characters when typed (useful if you use the "`" key to toggle the console)
- Whenever a NaN value is attempted to be assigned to a Number variable a warning is printed to the console and the value is not assigned
- Echo, error and warn functions can now take multiple arguments (will separate them with spaces)
---- If the last argument in echo() is a string with the # character in front it will use that as the colour of the echo (eg: echo(1, 2, 3, "#00FF00"))

- Variable "opened" is now private, use function "isOpen()" instead
- tracerOneCiclePerLine is now true by default
- Changed some default text colours
- Changed default font to "Courier New" (from "Arial")

I made a quick update to Firefight as well to include this new version. In the blog post I made on my site I give an example of what you can do differently now.

AS3 Developer Console v1.08

Posted by Torrunt - April 14th, 2012

Just released our newest game Firefight on Newgrounds.

We started this game before Rupert's Zombie Diary, took awhile to get a sponsor but during that time I kept on coming back to it every so often and made changes and tweaks. I've also added 30 Newgrounds Medals for you to try and get, people like their achievements :P.

The main feature of this release is the inclusion of my Developer Console. You can enable it at any time in the options menu but it disables all leaderboards and saving (until you reset the game of course). I made a post about some of the cool stuff you can do with it here.

New Game: Firefight

Posted by Torrunt - February 27th, 2012

I just released the Newgrounds Edition of Rupert's Zombie Diary! Includes a bunch of Medals and some Scoreboards. You can go play it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/590897

Me and Doodlebin have been working on some new stuff too, so look out for more from us. You can keep up with what I'm doing at my site here. For a list of all the games I've made and the current ones I'm working on you can look at this awesome page I put together: http://torrunt.tumblr.com/games.

New game Released

Posted by Torrunt - September 5th, 2010

I started working on this Developer Console class earlier this week and I've learnt a lot of new stuff while doing it (especially string related stuff), i've decided to release for other people to use to:

Torrunt's AS3 Developer Console - http://code.google.com/p/as3developerc onsole/
An easy to install and use AS3 class that let's you access every public variable and function in your project while it's running through a console.

DOWNLOAD developerconsole.as


- Auto-complete/ Suggestions (use up/down keys to go through them)
- Used commands History (use up/down to go through them when the auto-complete box is NOT showing)
- Calculations when assigning or in parameters (+,-,/,*,%)
- Shorthand calculations (+=,-=,/=,etc)
- Echo function with multiple colours! :D

Type 'help' in console to get some help.

Install Instructions
(if you really need it)

- Save developerconsole.as to the same folder as your project (if you put it some where else: change the package name accordingly)
- Import the class at the top of your main class or on your first frame
- Make an object called 'console' or whatever you want.
- Make it equal a new developerconsole and pass in your main class or the stage if you don't use have one (e.g: console = new developerconsole(this);) and add it (addChild(console);).
- Then just call console.open() to bring it up and console.close() to close it. (use console.opened to see if it's open all not).

http://filesmelt.com/dl/arrayliteral.j pg

What do you guys think? Hope other people can get some use out of this as well.

Updated to v1.01 - (6/09/2010)
- Added slightly more Documentation
- Added error command (echos a message in red)
- Calling functions echos their return value (change 'returnFunctions' to turn it on or off)
- Fixed up some code (Feel kind of stupid when i saw what i did in the stringToFunc Function)

[RELEASE] AS3 Developer Console Class

Posted by Torrunt - April 30th, 2010

My very first submission on the front page :D INSERT COIN: Pico N' Me (concept and art by DoodleBin). I was thinking i would never get this game down it time, the game didn't even have half it's levels or any bosses a couple of days ago.

I started programming this game from scratch 2 weeks ago using AS3 which I've never used before. I used to just use AS2 but after i started a programming course and saw how easy it was to learn a new language (we learnt Visual Basic and basic Javascript) i thought why not give moving to AS3 a go.

There's some bugs a possible tweaks i'll be looking into but for now I hope this short list of techniques will help some people pass those pesky levels (especially the 1st one! :P).
- The most common way to destroy a 'Monster' door (those things that respawn the shooting enemies) is to jump up and down at the right time to dodge the laser going from the guys spawning from it and tap down and shoot to shoot down at the door and possibly hit a couple of heads. Though doing this doesn't always let you dodge all the lasers, so be careful.

- A plain awesome technique for the first level that i made up is; to run to the to the level to lure the worms and run back and jump on the lockers to the very left of the level and aim down and kill them (also killing shooter enemies that followed). Once they worms are dealt with just do the same again but to lure ALL the enemies as far left as you can and the rush back to the right of the level where all the 'monster' doors are and do as much damage as you can as they slowly make their way back, rise and repeat if you have to.

- Some small rooms have cakes such as the; mens toliets and the closet in the basement (just before the Pool boss), if you're running low on health and cakes go in these rooms after you clear the level you're in for that extra cake BUT beware: doing so will mean you have to clear the level you were in just before to be able to use another door there (that includes these cake rooms, which means you can get max cakes just by going in and out of these rooms).

- After you beat the 1st boss in the Pool you go into the cafe which afterwards leads you to a small hallway and then a classroom. In the classroom you can skip the WHOLE battle, just rush up stairs by jumping on the stuff on the ground and drop down the whole into the next room where Darnel is, get the key off him and rush through the door next to high (you don't even have to destroy the living wall thing) and then you can go straight into the gym where the final boss is from there. :D

- For the final boss i found the best way to avoid him is to run straight to the edge of the level and do a run up towards him and jump straight over his head (taking not damage what-so-ever). Repeat this until he starts spawning enemies, then shoot him like crazy while of course avoiding those newly spawned enemies until the Boss gets back up and you have no choice but to kill him to continue the battle.

That's it and i hope you have/had fun playing our game. :D

Oh and i'm going to be working with DoodleBin on another game (already started but on hold for now) in the future and will be out later this year! So look out for that one.

Yay! My Pico Game got featured!

Posted by Torrunt - October 4th, 2009

I through together some gameplay footage of our game for the Power of Three event. I would say It's in It's mid-to-late alpha stages right now so you will see a couple of glitches here and there.

/* */
Art - Destructin
Programming - Me
Music - Manakidleade

PO3: Gunshow Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Torrunt - August 11th, 2009

I don't post news on my Newgrounds profile enough and I just finished righting up a post on my site so I thought I'll put it here too.

Fred's Head
I finished programming a new game I've been working on with another guy from Newgrounds called "Fred's Head". I started work on it not that long ago - about 3 weeks but I only worked on it maybe several days. We put this game up on Flash Game License looking for a sponsor, you can go see it there if you want but you'll probably have to sign up there as a Developer.

Fred's Head on flashgamelicense.com

Fruity: Reprogrammed
In other news a couple of days ago I started reprogramming Fruity: my first ever flash game (or game if you don't count the crappy RPG maker ones). Progress is going well, I pretty much just need to add the fruit and draw up some levels.

The game will only have 2 weapons this time (even though I can now program automatic weapons properly) the handgun and the rocket launcher, they were my favourite weapons in Fruity and the M4-Carbine just didn't really fit in a world like that.
I may or may not add more enemies, I remember drawing up some for Fruity back when I was still working on it but I'm not sure if I want to or can be bothered adding them - I'm very lazy at animating. I remember drawing up some vegetables to be enemies and some green blob... yeah.
While I was programming the Bees (the enemies) I thought I would try and create and new way with dealing with them and I did, a much more efficient but very similar to my old way that will decrease lag. I'll be using this new techquie in another game I've been working on with a couple of other guys for Newground's Power of Three event, where I'm the programmer, one guy is the Artist/Animator and the other is the Musician.

If anyone wants to pitch some ideas for things that could be in Fruity feel free to do so either by commenting here or sending me an email.

(Also here's the old abandoned version of Fruity).

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